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Changing blog while editing makes new post

edited September 2007 in MarsEdit
I have a development local blog and a remote production blog. The weblogs and posts are identical except for the URL references within them (e.g. for posts and images).

If I edit a post on one of them then change to the other weblog via the drop-down list, change the URLs to the correct ones then save the edited post to the newly-selected weblog, the post appears as a new post and not as an edit of the existing post.

If I refresh the blog after changing blogs in the main window, then open a post to edit it, it posts as an edit and not as a new post, which is expected behaviour. I don't think you can refresh the post list when changing blogs by using the drop-down list.

In other words, it doesn't work to edit a post locally then post the edits to the equivalent post on a remote blog, just by changing blogs with the drop-down list and changing URLs.

This makes it hard to keep a local and remote blog synchronised during an editing session. It also makes a mess of the remote blog as you have to delete offending duplicate posts


  • This is an interesting workflow. In general when you change blogs from the popup menu, MarsEdit assumes you're trying to post a new post to that blog.

    In fact, it might be difficult for MarsEdit to definitively decide that you are trying to edit an existing post on the other blog. Althugh they look quite similar, the different blogs have given different "unique IDs" to the posts. So the posts are completely separate as far as it is concerned.

    What it would have to do is compare the title, and the body to see that they are "mostly the same" (they won't be exactly the same any more since you made your edit).

    I hope you can appreciate how this is difficult to do right. I can see your reasoning for wanting it to work that way, but I suspect more people use the popup menu to legitimately switch between blogs.

    My suggestion is to get in the habit of copying the content out of the one post, then finding the corresponding post, opening it, and pasting in the updated content.
  • I appreciate the difficulty of identifying posts, and I have adopted the habit of closing the edit, selecting the another blog in the main window, then opening the equivalent post for editing.

    The problem is that switching blogs from the drop-down menu suggests to users (well, maybe not all of them!) that the same post on the new blog is now being edited. I know now that it's not, but it appears that way. From a user interface perspective, it's not obvious what's happening.

    Changing blogs from the drop-down menu is ideal if the same post is being put on a number of blogs -- with the proviso that some URLs have to be changed to be viable.

    It's a refinement that I know throws up difficulties for the programmer. We users just want it to be simple, but to meet all our conflicting needs! ;-)

    Thanks again for all you excellent work.
  • Thanks for understanding the difficulties. In return, I will confirm that I understand the confusion for your particular workflow.

    I will think about this some more and see if any good ideas surface :)
  • I use this feature all the time. ... I find it very useful in creating a new posting. ...

    The edit of those posts, on the other hand, makes me juggle because I may forget that I already created the posting in a second blog. ...

    Perhaps a notification would be enough. ... I.E. "You have switched blogs. This will create a new posting in the new blog. ... Would you rather edit a previous posting in the new blog?"

    Some sort of decision being made, we can then edit, or post, with knowledge.
  • The idea of prompting is reasonable, but for people who are satisfied with the current behavior, I think it would be unpleasant to suddenly have a new dialog appear every time they switch blogs.
  • Prompting could be unreasonable, but it could includ a radio button that turned prompting off if you wish. ...

    I.E. "If you are happy with the way things have been working without the prompting, and do not want to see this message again, click here -> [x] Say Goodby, and good riddance!"
  • Fair enough - I'll keep it in mind!
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