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Duration UI a little misleading

edited August 2006 in FlexTime
I just discovered that I can enter durations as reals, not just integers. The little arrow buttons pretty much always, as far as I can remember, work with integers, so I just figured that was what I had to do.

I have to admit I'm not sure what, if anything, should be done about this. I'm inclined to say the arrows shouldn't be there if you're allowing more free numeric input, but that's probably silly. I just can't think of another instance where arrows and decimal points have gone together. Failing memory, perhaps.


  • Thanks for the comment, chellman. It's definitely worth thinking about. I'm actually planning on further loosening up the input requirements for that text box, so that it can accept the same "natural text" formats as the table view column (e.g. "3m" for 3 minutes).

    I can see how the arrows might have led you astray :) The easiest change on my end might be to simply change the step value on the arrows from "1" to "0.5", so that users will immediately see fractional values appear as they manipulate via the arrows.

    I'm afraid to just remove the arrows outright because I feel that some users prefer that mechanism for fine-tuning. But maybe I'm wrong there. As to your inabilty to think of another example of arrows manipulating floats, it seems likely that this is more due to the relative absense of "float text boxes" in general. Can you think of many examples where users are invited to enter a float? Money fields come to mind, but aside from that...
  • I like the idea of natural text inputs.

    Yeah, float text boxes seem rare to me, outside of money and spreadsheets. I don't think the arrows are really a problem, I just wanted to point out the confusion so it would be on your radar.
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