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Folder Action Scripts

edited September 2007 in FastScripts
FastScripts hides the "Applications" folder in ~/Library/Scripts/ but displays the "Folder Actions" folder which is also one generated and used by OS X. Is there a reason somebody might want to access it via the FastScripts menu? Could we have some way to hide it from FastScripts like the system Scripts folder can be hidden?

I am using the Lite version at the moment, since I don't use any of the advanced features.



  • There's no particular reason why this couldn't be hidden. I'll think about offering an option to hide this. In general I want to be careful not to "bloat" the preferences, so when suggestions like this come up I think more of whether I can add an option to hide "generally" whatever named items a user doesn't want to see.
  • I would really prefer a general option, "add location /x, except location /x/y" type thing. I can't remember the prefs on the big FS version, but ISTR it let you add locations but not subtract them. I have a feeling I'm so exhausted I'm not making any sense, so I'll stop now.

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