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Flextime Audio To Itunes Timing different.

edited October 2007 in FlexTime
I am using Flextime 1.2 to time running & exercise intervals for training clients.
Works pretty well except now we are tracking the intervals against their heart rate monitoring charts to track performance & .......

we noticed that Flextime audio outputted to Itunes seems to be off by 2 seconds per minute (We measured against 5 different clocks all seem the same)).
Of course it is pretty inconsequential for most things, but if there is an easy fix for this it would be great as it might open it to more varied customers.

Otherwise thanks for a great product.


  • Thanks for the feedback. I will definiteley do some research - hopefully it's just some bug in the software that I can locate and remedy for a future update.

    I guess if it's really predictable, you can work around it by adding 2 seconds for every intended minute :) Sorry for the inconvenience.

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