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Using the Enter key?

edited October 2007 in FastScripts

I did a search of the forum but didn't find anything on this. Is there any way to use the Enter key as part of a key mapping? Specifically, I have a script I want to map to Command-Enter, but when I try to set the key combination, FastScripts Lite just ignores it.

Thanks in advance for your help.


  • Hi Bhil - I think this should "just work" so maybe something else is going on that I don't understand.

    First, does it appear to be ignoring it when you try to set it in preferences, or when you try to invoke it later?

    What kind of Mac are you running it on, and what version of FastScripts Lite are you using?

  • It is ignoring it when I try to set it in the preferences. When I double click on the shortcut field it starts editing and highlights my current shortcut (Escape). If I press Enter, the editing stops and the whole row is highlighted once again. If instead of pressing Enter I try any modifier key with enter (such as Command-Enter), nothing happens the shortcut stays editing with my old shortcut key highlighted. If I try any other key or key combination, it appears to change properly.

    I am running this on an intel iMac, 1.83 Ghz Core Duo with 1GB of memory. My OSX is at 10.4.10. The About dialog shows FastScripts Lite Version 2.3.4 (225M). It was downloaded this morning.
  • Thanks I will have to do some testing I guess. Sorry this is not working for you- hopefully I can figure it out within the next few days and post an update if necessary.

  • Terrific, thanks for looking into this. Just as some additional information it does the exact same thing on my PowerBook G4, so it's not an architecture problem.
  • FWIW...

    I'm on a PowerBook G4 running 10.4.3 and using the 'Enter' key successfully with two keyboard shortcuts. (Command + Enter, Option + Command + Enter)

    No symbol for the Enter key follows those for the Command and Option keys in the FastScripts Prefs dialog, but the shortcuts work.

    FastScripts 2.2.9 full version.

    Peter B.

  • Thanks for the data point, Peter. By the way - you're several versions behind - but if it's not broken, don't fix it :)
  • Where are the key mappings actually stored? Can I go edit a file somewhere and change the key mapping manually to point at Command-Enter until you figure out what is wrong with the latest version of the application?
  • bhil they are stored in the preferences file, but they aren't easily hand-editable. So I don't have an easy solution in the mean time.

  • bhil - if you get a chance can you try this beta release of FastScripts Lite? I've addressed the problem (I hope!) in this release:

  • I tried it out and it works great.

    Thanks for the great support!
  • Great - thanks for letting me know. I'll probably make a public update tomorrow.
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