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Script confusion

edited October 2007 in FastScripts
I have several scripts that I use to help restart programs I am beta testing (quit the program, collect crashlog and email, restart program, etc.) and I have found that when I install a new version it can make Fastscripts get very confused and the script gives an error -10066 (I think?). If I edit the script as offered it runs fine from Script Editor, but I have to restart FastScripts to get the script to work again.

Is there an alternative to tell application "foo" which uses the bundle name or something? AppleScript is way too fond of deciding that "foo" actually means "foo bar" or "foo 1.0.8b46" or something which annoys me! But in the meantime, is there a way FastScripts can work around or fix this problem?



  • Hm - that's a good question. The behavior you're seeing is probably a side-effect of FastScripts "holding on" to the script to try to improve the performance. I don't have a good suggestion for now except to restart it, as you've discovered. But I'll think about whether there's anything I can do to help improve the situation.
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