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Having some trouble - "At Finish" cues not working.

edited September 2006 in FlexTime

The program looks great, but I'm having some trouble (perhaps it's a misunderstanding on my part). I've set up several routines with both "At Start" and "At Finish" cues, but none of the "At Finish" cues are ever performed. For example, here is a sample routine:

Act 1 (30sec)
At Start: Show Text "TEXT1"
At Finish: Play Sound "Purr"
Act 2 (30sec)
At Start: Play Sound "Basso"
At Finish: Play Sound "Sosumi"
Act 3 (30sec)
At Start: Play Sound "Purr"
At Finish: Show Text "TEXT2"
Act 4 (30sec)
At Start: Play Sound "Glass"
At Finish: Play Sound "Submarine"

Only the "At Start" cues (whether sound or text) work - the finish cues are never seen or heard.

Am I just missing something? I'm using Version 1.0.4 (202) in unregistered demo mode on Mac OS 10.4.7 (dual G5).



  • Hi Jeff - I haven't seen this but to be honest I don't use the finish cues much myself. I just set up a routine along the lines of what you described, and interestingly it seems to work most of the time, but perhaps every 3rd activity it "misses a beat." So I have something to look into regardless, but I wonder if it's possible the problem you're seeing is different from mine. Do your finish cues fail *every* time?

    If it's not too much trouble could you email me a copy of a routine with the affliction, to Thanks!

  • Another small request: could you take a peek at your Console log (/Applications/Utilities/ to see if FlexTime is printing out any kind of error message when the routine is run? Thank you!

  • Jeff - nevermind about the previous requests :) I found a critical problem in the "finish cue" part of the program, that I think explains the problem you were seeing. Long story short, in some instances the activity didn't really think it was done, because the time elapsed was actually only "29.99997 seconds" or something. So it didn't bother playing the final cue.

    I've added the bug fix to FlexTime 1.0.5, which I just released. You can download it here:

    Please let me know if this works better for you!

  • That did it - problem solved! Thanks!

  • Excellent!

    Thanks for letting me know,
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