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Black Ink vs. Across Lite

edited November 2007 in Black Ink
So, other than the worthy reason of supporting the developer of my favorite productivity software (Flex Time), what do you users of Black Ink feel is the biggest advantage over Across Lite (if, like me, you only do the NYT daily puzzle.)



  • Basically as a user of Black Ink myself, as well, it all comes down to usability. I feel friction using Across Lite, so I never wanted to use it anymore after it slowly degraded.

    I actually was an avid Across Lite user back in the 90's (when the NYT puzzle was free!). At the time it was fine because it fit in on OS 9 and did everything an OS 9 app should do. My ambition with Black Ink was to establish it as essentially the application that Across Lite should be.

    As time goes forward it will receive more and more enhancements, while I suspect the Across Lite app will not. So if you're happy with the Across Lite app now, just stick with it! :) But come check back in every once in a while to see if anything changed to make you want to switch.

  • Thanks, Daniel. I actually prefer the "feel" of Black Ink over Across Lite, as well. The one thing that keeps me with Across Lite is the reduced font size of the clues. On my Macbook Pro, I can see about 50 clues for both across and down with Across Lite. With Black Ink, I can see a bit more than 30. I like to see more clues; it helps me work faster. Can the font size of the clues on Black Ink be adjusted?

    thanks again.

    - dan
  • I think this request has come in once before. I am planning a pretty serious overhaul to the clues - I'd like to get rid of the drawers. At that time I'll definitely think about offering a choice in font size.
  • that would be great. Not to be a party-pooper, but I like the drawers - it keeps everything together when switching in and out of the app (maybe it is more accurate to say that I -don't- like the way the floating clues are implemented on KrossWordz.)

    btw, has it occurred to you that the main reason folks use FlexTime - to be productive - is diametrically opposed to the reason Black Ink exists?



  • Haha! I like to save people time so they can waste it on crosswords :)

    Don't worry too much about the loss of drawers until you see how I handle it. I don't like floating clues windows, either. I'll probably do a similar treatment to how I updated MarsEdit to use "in the window sliding panes" instead of drawers. Same effect, but a little cleaner and with better opportunity to provide a richer integrated experience.
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