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Running AppleScript Studio apps

edited November 2007 in FastScripts
This is only obliquely a FastScripts question but bear with me.

We are looking for a way to have small AppleScript Studio apps run in the "context" of other apps to provide, for example, some workflow interface in InDesign, Photoshop and Photoshop Elements.

I know it is possible to set the ASS apps to not have menubars etc so at first sight they seem to belong to whatever app is frontmost but even then the "host" app still thinks it is being un-frontmosted and hides its palettes when the ASS app is activated.

I also know Adobe now provides lots of UI tools but we want to use the same code and UI in non-Adobe apps . . .

We have looked long and hard at the possibilities of loading the ASS apps as "bundles" which seems the approved way to do this but we can't see how to make the right kind of bundle from an ASS project in XCode.

It feels as if what FastScripts does when running app-specific scripts is similar in kind if not in detail to what we are trying to do so I wondered if there is some way it could invoke an ASS app.

Or am I barking up quite the wrong tree here? (Or just plain barklng?)


  • FastScripts will happily invoke an ASS app, just put it in the scripts folder. But I think you'll find the same problems occur. The reason FS is able to make a completely streamlined execution when running an AppleScript is that there literally is no application being run.

    I am not too familiar with AppleScript Studio so I can't really speculate too well on how you might solve this issue. But you might look into your ability to "deactivate yourself". If an application deactivates itself, my impression is the behavior is usually to reactivate whatever app was last active.

    So if this app gets run from InDesign, and immediately deactivates itself, the idea is that InDesign would reactivate.
  • That's true but as soon as the user clicks on the bit of interface provided by the ASS app, the "host" app thinks it's been un-frontmosted again and, in the case of InDesign for example, all the InDesign palettes/panels fade away.

    We've seen what we want done in a bundle created in XCode (it not only shows and hides with its host app but vanishes when the host app quits) we just can't find any way to make a similarly loaded bundle that contains nibs linked to AppleScript . . .

    I was just hoping FastScripts would be a way of not having to really understand but I think I'd better find myself an ASS forum.

    Thanks though.
  • Yeah I'm afraid the ASS stuff is beyond my expertise. Best of luck!
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