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Moving the focus without arrow keys

edited November 2007 in FastScripts
It would be great if FastScripts supports Control-P and Control-N to move the focus when activated via the main keyboard shortcut. I forgot the default setting but the one you set "Keyboard shortcut for accessing the FastScripts menu".

As far as I know, emacs-like stuff work in "Help" in any applications and Spotlight search located in the upper right corner.

Thus, we can use FastScripts without using arrow keys. Of course, remembering all the keyboard shortcuts is better...


  • Can you give me a better example of what you mean? What would Control-P do exactly, and what would Control-N do?

    Did you know you can type the characters of a menu item to have it change the focus?

  • Hi,

    Sorry for my poor English. I know the I can type the characters of a menu item, but, I have many scripts that start with "Open" and "Restart". I don't know how I can narrow down to the one I want.

    What I meant is like this: In Safari, you press Command-Shift-/, and you type "window" and you get the menu items that have the word "window" in them. Then you can use Control-P and Control-N to move the focus up and down.

    You know what I mean?
  • Thanks - yeah I get it now. How did you discover that the Help menu supports this? I wonder why it's just the Help menu and nothing else. I'd like to get a better sense for why/how it supports this before I decide to emulate it.
  • It's also in Spotlight search in the upper right corner.

    I don't know where/when/how it started. I accidentally found it.
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