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Some AppleScripts that utilize FastScripts..

edited July 2005 in FastScripts
I don't know if posts of this nature will be appreciated or are even allowed here.. but I just wanted to say that I've written a handful of AppleScripts for Mail, Finder, and Safari that utilize FastScripts' key-mapping feature.

Maybe someone reading would find them useful:

Thanks again for such a great app!

- Cowboy


  • Hi Cowboy - thanks for joining us and sharing. I think it's completely appropriate. I've noticed that in my own use of FastScripts, it's not always obvious some of the great improvements I could make to an app until somebody points out a shortcoming or suggests a new script and keyboard combo. Thanks for giving us access to your scripts!

  • I've just written another; writing the readme now and will soon announce it on Macintouch: Menubar Mouse Rebounder. It pops the mouse cursor up to the menubar and clicks the menu, unless the cursor is already in the menubar in which case it returns it to its previous position. (It uses Extra Suites for mouse control.)

    It was inspired by the Cinema Displays discussion on Macintouch, though people might find it useful on any size display. :)
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