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Puzzle Pointer Pages (and why to use them)

edited December 2007 in Black Ink
I've been using Will Johnston's Puzzle Pointers for a long time. While helping Will iron out a browser-dependent problem recently, it occurred to me to write my own Puzzle Pointers organized in a different way.

Why don't I use Black Ink's Open Web Puzzle feature? For a while I thought it was just habit. Then I tried it a bit and realized that I really depend on the visual organization of the Puzzle Pointers page and on the browser conveniently changing the color of visited links. Particularly with the way I organized my own Puzzle Pointers, it's easy to see which puzzles I've done.

If Black Ink had a visual representation of current and recent puzzles that showed where I stood, I'd use that. If it supported puzzle subscriptions in the style of RSS feeds, I'd use that. And if it quietly cleaned up aging completed puzzles, it would be a better housekeeper than I am.

And -- quite off-topic -- I think this local constellation of crossword enthusiasm is very curious. Will Johnston is in Watertown, Red Sweater is in Somerville, and I'm in Arlington.


  • Pretty cool that Will is also in the area. Do you know if he uses a Mac? Have to get him turned on to Black Ink, if so :)

    I definitely want to come up with something smarter for showing "recent" puzzles in Black Ink. On the drawing board, but you know how that goes...

    By the way your own puzzle pointers link is broken.

  • What problem do you see with the link to my puzzle pointers? It works for me.
  • Strange - must be something wrong with my internet connection. I can access your site from a shell account on my web host's machine, but not from my Mac.
  • It also works for me, so I guess it's your internet connection's fault.
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