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Great app for film processing

edited December 2007 in FlexTime
First off...FlexTime is a great application. Nice work and thank you.

My primary use for the software is for timing the steps in film processing. FlexTime is well suited for this as I can enter times for each step in the processing routine, start the routine and then not have to touch the computer again until it's done (don't really want to get photo chemicals on my macbook pro and all). I can also save routines for different film and developer combinations...fantastic.

Now a couple of small suggestions...

1.) Countdown or warning at the end of of a step.

I'd love an option to turn on a countdown or warning at the end of a step. Something as simple as a tick on the second for the last 5-10 seconds would be perfect. "tick-tick-tick-tick-ding! next step" Minuteur does this as an example (another great app for single-step timing).

2.) Allow specifying an interval time in addition to (or instead of) a number of intervals.

When processing film, you have to agitate the container every minute within a given step. FlexTime's "At Intervals" option is almost perfect for this. For example, in an 8 minute step, I can say "At Intervals: 7 times between start and finish play sound X", which will cue me to agitate the container every minute on the minute in the step.

This works, however from a usability perspective it's not immediately obvious how the intervals will be calculated. I had to try a couple different values before figuring out the right one (the value that would line up the interval time on the minute). Had I been able to specify a time value (Every 1 minute play this sound) I would have gotten it right on the first try.

Also, if the total step time is not a whole minute, say 7.5 mins, I don't think it's possible to have the intervals line up on the minute. Not a huge deal, sure, but sometimes I'm juggling other things like pouring the chemicals for the next step and being able to predict the next agitation at a glance is nice.

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  • Great usage scenario, I hadn't thought about film processing but it makes perfect sense!

    Thanks for sharing your thoughts. I can see the value of those ideas and will think about how to try to incorporate them.
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