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New Feature Request: Importing blog entries

edited December 2007 in MarsEdit

Blogging servers such as Google's Blogger have the ability to import blog entries using a simple published format. However I am using/evaluating Atlassian's Confluence and Apple's Leopard Server. Both are compatible with MarsEdit. But I also have years of blog entries in a Filemaker database that I would like to migrate to one of these blogging servers.

So what I would like to see in MarsEdit is an 'import' feature that would take a structured format and import it into Marsedit for publishing to a chosen blogging server. Perhaps this would also give MarsEdit the ability to take bulk content from one blogging service and transfer it to another service - a migration tool.

Gordon Williams


  • Hi Gordon - this is an intriguing idea, but I hesitate a bit because it's unlikely MarsEdit will be able to satisfy the "import" needs for most blogging systems. In general, I'd say it's better to use the particular import functions of the system in question, which often allow a much greater amount of control over the import, including the ability to import user comments, etc.

    Not to say that I wouldn't like to make this type of import possible in MarsEdit, but I doubt it would ever be so advanced as to seriously be more compelling than the direct-import funtions that many blog systems have.

  • Thanks for the comment Daniel. I suppose eventually all these blogging services will have good import and export functions, like WordPress for example. I won't be holding my breath for Apple to get around to this feature for the Leopard Blog server though.

    Perhaps I should be looking at using Applescript to tie Filemaker and MarsEdit together and automatically compose the blog entries from the Filemaker records. I could then continue to maintain the entries in Filemaker by adding a "Publish" button to new Filemaker logbook entries or conversely "Archive to Filemaker" in MarsEdit for the ones I do online first.
  • It might be worth looking into, though I should say that at the moment MarsEdit cannot be 100% scripted to do the whole publishing process. You can get it to where you just need to "press the publish button" for a given post, but that still has to be done manually right now.
  • Pressing "Publish" for daily entries would be OK, but not for importing the previous few thousand. Oh well, I better dust off my copy of RealBASIC and the ATOM Publishing protocol. :^)
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