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Can't Upload Images To TypePad

edited December 2007 in General Discussion

I started using MarEdit Trial version last night, New Year's Eve. I could upload text. The image upload function did not work. I referred to the MarsEdit Help facility and double-checked the URL and the RPC details. It still isn't working.

Any suggestions would be appreciated.

This is a very nice product. I hope I can get it to work!

Happy New Year to everyone.

John Flood


  • Hi John - if you are having trouble uploading images, it will help a great deal if you can copy/paste the Network Log from MarsEdit when you try to do the image upload:

    1. Launch MarsEdit
    2. Open Window -> Network Log
    3. Click the Clear button
    4. Try to upload an image
    5. Copy the network log contents and paste into an email to me, or into a message reply here in the forums.

    This will help me figure out what is going wrong for you.

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