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Menu bar-only operation

edited January 2008 in FlexTime
Any prospect of running Flextime off the menu bar, with a time remaining indicator like


  • Hi there! Definitely a chance of this. I like the idea. I'm adding it to my bug system as a feature request.

    There are a few "feedback" type enhancements I'd like to make, including a full-screen mode, so that is probably when I would try to tackle a change like this, as well.

  • I second this. Hiding the app would be useful, so it wouldn't be visible when you Cmd-Tab. I guess we all already have too many apps running at the same time :)
    Maybe also an indication of which Activity is running?

    Another way to indicate the remaining time would be on the dock icon, like in the bitTorrent app Transmission.

    I've been using FlexTime for a few days and like it so far.
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