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FastScripts and Twitterriffic Output?

edited January 2008 in FastScripts
Anybody using FastScripts to trigger scripts that output text to the Twitterriffic post field? I'm trying to create a (ruby) script that takes a URL off the clipboard, shortens it, and inserts the shortened URL into my Twitterriffic post. I've tried a few different things to get the text to output (STDOUT <<, print, etc) but nothing gets written to the text field.

Right now, I'm settling for replacing the contents of the clipboard with the shortened URL, then pasting by hand. I'd like to come up with something more elegant, though, and I'm open to implementing in different languages, if necessary.


  • Hmm - it might be worth an enhancement request that Twitterrific support a "insert tweet text" scripting verb. I could see that being useful for integration with a variety of apps.

    Probably your best bet in the meantime is to try to take advantage of GUI Scripting somehow via AppleScript.
  • You know, I was afraid you were going to say GUI Scripting. Such a pain, particularly since I don't do it enough to warrant buying a license for UI Browser.

    ..and I can definitely see multiple uses for an insert tweet text command.
  • While you can't insert text into the twitter field I get around that by popping up a display dialog that allows me to edit the post or add to it for the example of a url posting script.
    It does not help me conform to the limit but it works very easily for me. I can post an example if needed
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