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Total Routine Time

edited March 2008 in FlexTime
Maybe I'm missing it and it's already there somewhere, but it seems like there should be a way to see the total number of minutes in a routine. For example, I'm trying to set up a routine for my workday that spreads my energy around to the various projects I need to work on. I want to set it up so the whole routine "controls" the six hours I spend "working." I've set up the activities I want to pursue, but now I'm trying to establish the duration of each. There should be a way for me to either a) see the total duration for the routine, or b) allow the user to set a total duration for the routine, and then, as I change the duration of each activity, have that activity duration deducted from the total -- this would let me know how many minutes I have left to "spend" on the remaining activities.

The first one is probably easier to set up, but the latter might be more "fun" to use :-)

Anyway, that's my idea.


  • Hi Kyle - when you are running a routine in FlexTime, the "timer" display in the routine window shows the current activity above, and the total routine time below. Just "Click to Show" on the area below, until you get the desired display of the total routine time remaining or elapsed.

    Does that help?

    The idea to allow the total time to be set independently is interesting - something I'll consider as an enhancement.

  • edited March 2008
    That's when I'm running a routine. Shouldn't that information be in the set-up phase, not in the "running" phase? Unless, of course, I include as the first activity in my routine, "Set-up FlexTime," but that takes me into a whole circle of self-reference that, frankly, makes me fear for the safety of the time-space continuum. Surely there's a better way.
  • I see what you're saying... so the big emphasis on your request is that you're always going to be working with 6 hours, and it's just a question of how it will be split up.

    Gotcha. Yeah, there isn't a great workaround for this right now, I'm afraid. I will take it as a feature enhancement to at least show a "total" while setting up so it can be made easier.

    Thanks for the feedback,
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