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new shortcusts for Aperture?

edited March 2008 in FastScripts
I'm trying to find a way to create some keyboard shortcuts that don't currently exist in Aperture, and was wondering if FastScripts could do this for me. Even though Aperture has tons of shortcuts, there are none for the most basic image adjustments like exposure, contrast, white balance, saturation, etc. I have searched everywhere for a solution and so far everyone has told me it cannot be done.

Could FastScripts offer a solution?




  • Hi Andrew - I don't personally use Aperture, so it's hard for me to say whether these features could be scripted.

    Maybe somebody else reading could answer, if they are very familiar. Though you might have better luck checking on a more general AppleScript forum such as

    The bottom line is FastScripts can help with this kind of stuff, but only if you can find a way to write a script to do what you want. Either through "real AppleScript" or through something like GUI Scripting.

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