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Scrambled puzzles?

edited March 2008 in Black Ink
I may be a moron (this is more than likely), but I can't figure out how to get solutions out of what I assume to be "scrambled" puzzles (e.g. New York Times Second Sunday Cryptics). The web page gives a 4-digit code, but I don't see a way to enter it in Black Ink.

Is this supported? If not, consider this a feature request :-)


  • Hi there :) Definitely not a moron. It's not a supported feature for Black Ink right now.

    The problem is the scrambling format is a secret between the NY Times and Litsoft, who designed the puzzle format. I would love to be able to offer unscrambling for these puzzles but unless I can figure out how to do it without their assistance, it's not a feature I will be able to add soon :(

    What I'm considering as a workaround is doing something where it automatically downloads the solutions the day after, so at least you would be able to check puzzles that you have solved previously. I think this would work because they put the answers in the puzzles that are listed in the archives...

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