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How to Create URL for Named Puzzles Rather than Dated Puzzles

edited March 2008 in Black Ink
MacNamara's Band's URLs end with the name of the puzzle that is different every day rather than a date. How would the URL be generalized for Black Ink to load the puzzle each day without having to edit the URL?

Sorry if terminology is not correct. Although I am a long time user of MacXWord, I am a total novice at trying to create new URLs.


  • Hi - I don't think it's possible right now to automate downloading of these puzzles. The best thing would be if you and people like you could contact them and ask them to produce URLs of a predictable nature.

    If the URL is not *somehow* predictable, there's nothing Black Ink (or any other program) can do to download them.

  • Sure there's something you can (theoretically) do. There's an index page with puzzle URLs embedded. Diff the current one against the last one you saw, identify new puzzle links, and Bob's yer uncle. Given the unpredictable posting schedule, I think this would work best in conjunction with a "Get new (or latest) puzzles" menu item.
  • eparaimephraim - Your suggestion is all well and good for a seasoned veteran, but I have no idea how to "diff the current one" etc. Is there more documentation somewhere than what is in the Black Ink user manual as to how to set up URLs for accessing puzzles? So far I am struggling with just setting up simple ones. Another question - is there a list of known-to-work URLs somewhere on this site that can be copied and used? There's no sense in each of us trying to figure out the same URLs. Having a lot of good examples would help us novices to understand how to set them up.
  • I'm pretty sure that ephraim was suggesting I could do something along those lines in Black Ink.

    Point taken - but it seems fragile from a development point of view. I will think about it though.

  • Daniel's right, I was thinking in terms of development work for him, not something an end user can do with the existing Black Ink features.
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