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fastscript is keeping command key down?

edited April 2008 in FastScripts
I use fastscript's ability to assign shortcuts to scripts extensively..
I also use KeyCue which let's you view the available shortcut for current app if you hold down command key for period of time.

when i use shortcut with command key, i get the KeyCue window activated which leads me to believe that Fastscript is holding command key down for some reason. this behavior seems to be specific to Safari....

is anyone having same problem?


  • I'm not too familiar with KeyCue, but it's possible that MarsEdit's attempts to avoid conflicting with UI Scripting are causing KeyCue to think the command key is held down.

    I wonder why it would only happen in Safari though? Hopefully another KeyCue/FastScripts user will have some more input about this.

    Thanks for letting me know about the problem,
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