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Use FastScripts with Remind

edited April 2008 in FastScripts
I use FastScripts to control Remind, a sophisticated plaintext calendar and alarm program:

Add a reminder:
set f to a reference to file ((path to home folder as string) & \".reminders\")
set remInput to text returned of (display dialog \"REM 6 January 2008 MSG David's birthday.\" & return & \"REM 6 January +7 MSG David's Birthday is %b.\" default answer \"\" buttons {\"OK\", \"Cancel\"} default button \"OK\" with title \"Enter reminder\")
open for access f with write permission
write (\"\n\" & remInput as string) to f starting at eof
close access f

Display today's reminders with FastScripts "display message" function:
set remMessages to do shell script \"/usr/local/bin/rem\"
tell application \"FastScripts\"
display message remMessages dismissing after delay 0
end tell

Only Problem is that if you display too much text it doesn't fit onto the screen any more. So it would be good if FastScripts would scale the text automatically so that it fits onto the screen.


  • Good idea. I'll add it as an enhancement request to my bug system.

    Cool use for FastScripts!
  • edited November 2009
    Hi. I have a problem with my "add a Reminder" script in Snow Leopard and i don't know if it's an AppleScript or FastScripts bug:

    The dialog ("display dialog...") used to be displayed as frontmost window - now in Snow Leopard it is shown behind every other Window.. When i run it from the ScriptEditor it is shown on top, so i think this might be a FastScripts Problem.

    Best regards.
  • I think something changed in the "display dialog" behavior. A workaround I've been using is to make sure some app is frontmost before you display it.

    For instance, I think even something like

    tell application \"FastScripts\" to activate

    Before you do the display dialog, will help. Does it work?

  • Thanks for the quick reply. Your workaround works perfectly. :)
  • i have this same problem with a script for Skim. Until now i'd been too lazy to fix it. Now i am inspired to write;

    tell my script to activate

    which seems to work OK.
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