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syslog (system.log) and FastScripts

edited June 2008 in FastScripts
I was "watching" my system.log file today (chasing other oddness) and I noticed a few lines like this

Jun 2 05:37:49 mac [0x0-0x18018][332]: "/Users/face/bin/zen-fortune.dat" created
Jun 2 05:37:49 mac [0x0-0x18018][332]: There were 151 strings
Jun 2 05:37:49 mac [0x0-0x18018][332]: Longest string: 733 bytes
Jun 2 05:37:49 mac [0x0-0x18018][332]: Shortest string: 33 bytes

OK, hmmm, why is FastScripts logging the output from the script.
Besides the obvious of redirecting all output to /dev/null (not really what I want to do) is there a way to have FastScripts not syslog the output?

I have some scripts the could generate a fair bit of output and/or I might invoke a script a few hundred times...

Otherwise, I'm happy ;-)



  • FastScripts is a humble servant :) It just does what your script does. So I assume your script is printing these debug messages? I guess I'm hesitant to do something to work around this because some people might use FastScripts to run scripts where they want to log the information as it does now.

    Anybody else reading and have thoughts on this issue?
  • *Definitely* don't make FastScripts swallow script output, that is essential for debugging and I hate it when programs do that. Logging as much as possible makes it much easier to spot problems.

    I display the system logs on my desktop background all the time using MkConsole and it helps a lot.

    If script authors don't want it, it should be their responsibility to redirect the output to /dev/null.
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