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Can’t complete Friday’s WSJ puzzle without typing numbers

edited June 2008 in Black Ink
I'm only part way through the puzzle but I've hit at least one clue that required me to type a number.

I couldn’t figure out how to enter a digit, since that usually selects a clue. So I hit ⌘-R to reveal the square.


  • Hi Nate - in this type of situation you should be able to use the "Enter Multiple Letters" option from the Edit menu. I know it's not obvious since you only want to enter one number, but when you use that feature it lets you type whatever text you want.

    Somebody else suggested that if Black Ink knows the answer is a number, it should temporarily disable the "clue jumping" behavior, and just put in the number when you type it.

  • Hmmm... If I use the "Enter Multiple Letters" option, then later if I choose "Check current word" or "Check current puzzle", the squares with numbers are marked as errors, with a red X.
  • Thanks for letting me know. OK, I guess I have some more work to do!

  • While I was working this WSJ puzzle, it didn't occur to me to enter the numerals. I just naturally entered the multiple letters instead. At the end, when I asked for the complete solution to be revealed (to check my entries) all the multiple letters were converted to numerals. I hadn't seen that particular thing happen before and I was surprised.
  • Today's NY Sun puzzle ( has a numeral at 22a/22d. I filled it in and Black Ink said it was wrong. I revealed the answer and it was "corrected" to what I already had in the square.

    Black Ink version 1.1b1. Same thing after updating to 1.1.2.
  • Thanks ephraim - I didn't get a chance to tackle this problem yet. It's still on my list though. In the mean time, I'm sorry for the inconvenience when these puzzles pop up.
  • Same kind of problem with today's NYSun puzzle ( The punctuation answers are marked wrong, but revealing the answers shows them to be right.
  • Sigh - thanks again. I am obviously not breaking any world records in addressing this issue. I have been busy with Black Ink... but for the wrong platform :)
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