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FS hangs after adding alias of applications folder

edited June 2008 in FastScripts
I thought I was being really smart here... I created an alias of my applications folder and placed it into the top level of my script folder so I could access it from FastScripts. Here’s what happened.

First, FS hung up the first time I tried to access it after adding the aliased folder - force quit in Activity Monitor. So I deleted the folder, restarted FS and unchecked automatically synchronize script folder in preferences. I added the folder again and manually synchronized. It took awhile (giving me the rainbow beach ball in the meantime) but it finished and I could now access all my apps from FS. Cool.

However, when I try to access preferences via the drop down menu, FS hangs up - impressively!


Just wanted to let you know - my applications folder is back in my dock. I’m on a 2.4 gh MBP with 2 gigs of ram, if that makes any difference. In any case, I’m really enjoying FastScripts overall!



  • Hey nice job :) You showed FastScripts who is boss.

    I seem to be able to reproduce this on machine too. There must be something magically bad about the Applications folder.

    I'll look into this and hopefully find a way to fix this for an update to FastScripts.

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