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Multiple Word Answers

edited June 2008 in Black Ink

Black Ink is a great product. But there's one thing I find pretty frustrating: there's no indication that a clue requires a multiple word answer. You know the kind of thing I mean? All paper crosswords I've ever seen print the clue with something like "(5,6)" at the end to denote the answer consists of two words, one of 5 letters the other of 6 letters.

Is is possible to display this or do those electronic crosswords not carry that information in the clue? And if it *is* possible to add this feature to Black Ink would you please also add an indicator in the answer grid to show the separation of the words?

Many thanks!


  • There is not standard way of gauging this in the format of the electronic crosswords. Typically though when a puzzle requires this, the clue text itself shows the word constraint. See for example the Sydney Morning Herald CRYPTIC puzzle available through Black Ink. In the current puzzle, 7 down shows at the end of the clue (2,5).

    This would be a great enhancement for the format of the puzzles themselves. Unfortunately I have no control over that :(
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