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NY Times Premium Feed

edited June 2008 in Black Ink
I cannot get the Daily NY Times feed even though I could with the previous edition of Black Ink.

I am a Premium Subscriber and had used this url code:

but now it doesn't work.

Any ideas?


Dave Wentroble


  • Hi Dave - I just tried myself and was able to fetch the puzzle using the same URL format you are using.

    Sometimes I think the "cookies" expire, and it's necessary to go back into Safari and log in to the premium crosswords download page:

    If you go to that page in Safari and then try again in Black Ink, is the problem resolved?

  • Daniel:

    That worked!
    Does Black Ink work off of Safari cookies rather than Firefox cookies?

    I use Firefox 99.99% of the time and only go to Safari if absolutely necessary.

    Thanks for the help.

    Dave Wentroble
  • The way it works is sort of a happy coincidence right now. Because Black Ink uses the same built-in networking facility that Safari uses, it seems to automatically share the cookies between the two applications.

    In a future update I'd like to get things a little nicer in Black Ink so that it's able to log you in and establish the cookies on its own, without the help of Safari :)
  • edited July 2008
    I too have a premium xword account (just checked and its up to date), but I don't get a puzzle in Black Ink though I too used to. I've read this thread without success.

    I did get a bunch of puzzles downloaded, but Black Ink won't open them.
  • Hi NovaScotian - thanks for sending me the "puzzle" ... what it actually shows is that you don't seem to be logged in to the nytimes. Did you try the trick above of going to this URL with Safari:

    Once you login in there, it seems to share the cookie with Black Ink which permits the puzzles to be downloaded successfully.

  • edited July 2008
    Seems not to work, Daniel. It shows that I'm logged in properly and downloads puzzles that won't open (after posting a message that the download failed). I guess I'll have to go to their support. "seems to share a cookie" doesn't.
  • You can download the puzzle files from Safari, though? I don't think their support will be that interested in solving this, because it's sort of a coincidence that it works in Black Ink the way it does. It's on my TODO list to make the support more "official," though the cookie sharing trick has seemed to work for everybody up to now.

    Is it possible you don't have cookies enabled in Safari?

  • No, I could a while ago, but not now -- that's why I wrote to them.
  • Oh I getcha - yeah that's definitely something to look into then.

    I had a similar situation but in my case it was because my credit card had expired so they weren't able to auto-renew my subscription.

  • edited July 2008
    Daniel Jalkut said:
    Oh I getcha - yeah that's definitely something to look into then.

    I had a similar situation but in my case it was because my credit card had expired so they weren't able to auto-renew my subscription.

    I never did get a reply from them, but two days later it worked as it should and has ever since.
  • Heh - I guess if they're not going to reply it's good at least that they silently fix the problem :) Glad to hear you are back on track.

  • Has there been a definite final fix for premium members to the New York Times puzzle? I can't seem to get to it with Black Ink. Please help.
    Thank You Daniel, Joe
  • Joe - I am close to a major improvement for NY Times Premium that will allow you to authorize the login from directly within the app.

    Until then, the solution of logging in with Safari still seems to work for me. Have you tried that? Log in to the premium section with Safari so that you can download the .puz file directly from Safari. After that, the download should work correctly from Black Ink.

    Hope to make this easier soon ... probably in the 1.2 release of Black Ink.
  • edited November 2008
    If you have a subscription and are logged in (see your login name in the header) but still don't get directly to the puzzle (but to the puzzle subscription page instead), then do this (in Safari)

    1) Close the NYT tab, and go back to the New York Times site Do not use a bookmark for this, type it in.
    2) Log out and then back in on the home page, (not a bookmarked page).This will delete the old temporary cookies and give you access to the Crosswords.
    3) In the left pane of the home page, find and click on the puzzles link.
    4) If that takes you back to the puzzle subscription page, then next to the Premium Crosswords banner is a link that says Already a Subscriber, click that link and you'll be back in.
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