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Feature request: cooperative multiplayer

edited July 2008 in Black Ink
Surely my girlfriend and I aren't the only two people who like to solve the Sunday NYT crossword together. I would love the ability to solve a puzzle with a friend over a local area network. And this could be a distinguishing feature on the future iPhone version of the app, too.

If you've ever used "The New York Times Crosswords" for the Nintendo DS, it has cooperative puzzle solving, and it's pretty satisfying, despite some unfortunate UI mistakes.


  • Definitely a cool suggestion and something I have been thinking about myself. A while back somebody also suggested a "family room" mode, where you could have a puzzle up on the TV or something, while the family sits around and solves together.

    I think there's a lot of room to do cool stuff in this regard. I'll be thinking about it and hopefully acting on it! :)

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