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Adding solution to NYTimes Premium

edited July 2008 in Black Ink
I just registered the software the other day. I successfully downloaded puzzles, but how can I add the solution code as I can do in Across Lite? I downloaded the puzzle on Monday am and the solution is not available until late on Monday. I am sure I am missing something obvious.



  • Hi Bill, unfortunately you are not missing anything obvious. This is a shortcoming in Black Ink, based on the fact that the New York Times and Across Lite keep the solution code "unlocking" technique a secret. So I have no way of providing a feature for unlocking these puzzles.

    I have thought about workarounds that might be at least somewhat acceptable, such as downloading the puzzle a day later, when it is automatically unlocked. I'm not sure that would be such an improvement however, since people often want to unlock on the same day.

    I can imagine you might have expected this feature to exist in Black Ink, so if you feel misled by the description of the application, please don't hesitate to ask for a refund. I definitely want you to be happy with the product.

  • I have been demoing Black Ink and really love it. I much prefer it to the NYT's ugly Across Lite software. However, I cannot figure out how to get the soluton information into Black Ink.

    I fully understand that you are unable to get the solution until NYT posts it (and I am okay with that). But, I am unable to figure out how to access solutions to older puzzles that HAVE been published by NYT.

    You say that you have thought about downloading the current puzzle later in the day -- so, I take that to mean that: once the solution is published, it can be accessed. So, how do I access it?

  • Hi mjmara, this is still a shortcoming in the application. I don't have a great suggestion for how to work around it now. The only way to get the solutions into Black Ink right now is to literally wait until the next day, and then to download the puzzle manually from the NYT web page, and open it in Black Ink.

    In this scenario, you'd have to resolve the puzzle from scratch to check it for correctness.

    I realize this is a real drag, and it's still something I hope to address in the future. I just haven't gotten a chance to tackle it properly yet.

  • WOW...thanks for the incredible rapid reply.

    Actually, the problem seems to be solved. I don't really mind being a day behind; but, when I originally downloaded the Dec. 31 puzzle and opened it in Black Ink -- all of the solution menu commands were disabled. After I got your answer, I tried again, and (weirdly) the solution info is now available.

    To make sure, I download the 12/30 puzzle -- and the solution info is, indeed, there. What I will probably do going forward, is to wait a day to download and solve the current puzzle (unless, as you suggest, I am willing to solve it twice!)

    I am very glad that I don't have to work in Across Lite. It was driving me a little crazy after Black Ink. Now, I'll be justified in purchasing your software.

    Many thanks!
  • Glad you've found a suitable workaround, and as I said, I've love to make this more streamlined in the future. (IDEALLY, it would be great to actually get access to the technique for unlocking using the Across Lite style access code, but I'm not holding my breath.)

    Probably what happened is when you first downloaded the 12/31 puzzle, maybe they hadn't gotten around to uploading the version with the answers. They must have hangovers at the NY Times ;)

  • edited January 2009
    The best way I know to check the NYT puzzles right after I finish them is to go to this web site: REX PARKER DOES THE NYT CROSSWORD PUZZLE. He publishes his solution with commentary every day and if you click on the puzzle you get a new window with a larger version. He's apparently a tester for NYT, so he often sees the puzzles in advance.
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