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Time multiple Activities at once within one routine?

edited July 2008 in FlexTime
I have 12 activities that I want to assign 25 minutes each. I want to be able to start and stop each of these at will (not in sequence) is that possible?



  • Hi! Thanks for bringing the question into the forums.

    There is a strong presumption that all the activities in a routine document will proceed in order from top to bottom. There is no provision for any kind of parallelism, though you can skip an activity and move forward, or you can go backwards and redo an activity if you like.

    It sounds like you are describing a situation where you you would need to create 12 separate routine documents, one for each of the activities. Can you explain a little more what the scenario is? I am guessing maybe you have 5 hours and you want to make sure you spend it evenly on 12 separate activities, but you can't easily control which activity you're working on at a given time. Is that about right?

    FlexTime probably isn't very suitable for this right now, but I will think about ways of possibly adding functionality to support this in the future.

  • Exactly. I currently have 12 different routines, but would like to have one window instead of 12. Thanks for looking at this.
  • It feels like it would require another document type. I'm vaguely planning to support other types of timers. E.g. "one off" timers for things like boiling water or whatnot.

    This one is like a "multitasking timer"...
  • Probably right. Routine Timer. Egg Timer. Multiple Task Timer.

    Nice. Love the software, excellent quality and finish, solid function.

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