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Houston Chronicle

edited August 2008 in Black Ink
Can't open Houston Chronicle puzzle for Aug. 21.
Hope it hasn't changed as I like the witty puzzles.


  • Thanks for the note. Let's see if it shows up later today. Sometimes the puzzle sources are not exactly instantaneous with their puzzles.
  • 10:37 a.m. CT and it still won't open
  • Same with Sept. 1 & 2 Houston Chronicle puzzles
  • Hi Pengman - sorry I missed your previous response about the 10:37am situation. But I remember checking myself later in the day and it seemed to work for me then.

    I just tried Houston and am only getting the 8/30 puzzle. Probably has something to do with the Labor day holiday?
  • Could be. I got the puzzles but couldn't open. Maybe. The one for the 3rd looks OK.
    Otherwise, Black Ink is one darn good/fun program.
  • Thanks, glad you are enjoying it. Make sure you update to the latest version if you haven't already (1.1.2) becuase some of the earlier versions of Black Ink don't do as good a job of avoiding the "bad puzzles"...

  • Have it. :-)
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