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Notification of Script Running

edited August 2005 in FastScripts
Sorry to bombard you, but this just occurred to me.

I know that the FS menu bar icon changes color when a script is running, but it would be an added feature if I could post a notification (ideally of my choosing) at the beginning of a script that would automatically dismiss itself when the script was finished.

-- at the beginning of the script:
display message \"Checking Your IP Address\" at screen position¬
top right dismissing when script quits
-- the rest of the script


  • Interesting idea. I will add this to my list of considerations for future features.

    As a workaround in the mean time you should be able to save a reference to the message window and then close it manually at the end of the script by changing its autodimiss time:
    tell application \"FastScripts\"
    set myNote to display message \"hello\" dismissing after delay 0
    end tell

    -- Rest of the script --

    tell application \"FastScripts\"
    set autodismiss time of myNote to 0.01
    end tell

    This isn't an ideal setup but it might be useful for now.
  • edited August 2005
    Works fine, no trouble, solves the problem. I had not previously thought about the property "autodismiss time" and would not have guessed that it would have instant effect (I assumed that delay time was set to stay). I made it a bit briefer:

    tell application \"FastScripts\" to set myNote to display message \"hello\" dismissing after delay 0

    -- Rest of the script --

    tell application \"FastScripts\" to set autodismiss time of myNote to 0.01

    I could even craft a little handler to do this: onRunNote(msg, lastTime) so I could display intermediate notes of steps in my sequence by resetting my message and then with lastTime set to true, autodismiss it.
  • Yeah I'm not completely satisified with the dictionary terms and documentation for the "display message" stuff. I am glad it's working for you now with the autodismiss property!

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