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Using SoundFonts

edited February 2007 in Clarion

First of all, let me say thanks Daniel for such a useful program ! I'm training my relative pitch and Clarion is indispensible :)

I'm looking for a way to change the soundfont used in Clarion but can't seem to get anything other than "Apple: DLSMusicDevice" to show up in the Synthesizer dropdown in the preferences window. I'd like to use SimpleSynth ( which lets me load custom soundfonts. I also thought my external soundcard's MIDI output would show up but it doesn't seem to.

Is there any way to choose either of these as the synthesizer, or change the soundfont/DLS file used by the DLSMusicDevice ?

Thanks in advance...


  • Hi there! Let me say that the "Synthesizer" popup is there sort of as ... well, wishful thinking. I haven't really tested it extensively, but now that you've given me such a compelling reason to do so, I will add it to the list and hopefully be able to get a fix out soon that lets it work with such sound fonts.

    Thanks for giving me a concrete scenario to test against, and stay tuned.

  • That's great to hear ! Thanks for replying so quickly, I look forward to seeing the results :)
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