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Embedding YouTube Videos

edited November 2010 in MarsEdit
I did a quick search of the forum and didn't see this reported, so I'm assuming it's something I'm missing or doing wrong!

If I paste the embed code into a post using Marsedit, in the preview window, I see the embed code, not the video?

To resolve this, I need to delete the embed code, switch to HTML and paste it back in. I can then see the video. I then have to switch back to Rich Text to continue editing (well I don't have to, but I prefer to write in the RT editor).

So am I doing something wrong?


  • Hi Donmc - you will probably find it at least a bit easier to use the "Paste HTML" command in the rich text editor. You can find this in the Edit menu.
  • See, I knew there'd be an easier way!

    Thanks Daniel
  • Hi Daniel — Unfortunately embedding via "Paste HTML" does not appear to work. When I use it to embed a YouTube or Vimeo video by pasting just the address of the video, the resulting HTML code wraps the address line with a paragraph tag, which breaks WordPress's ability to see it as an embedded video.

    As far as I can tell, there is no way to embed a video short of editing in HTML mode.

  • Jeff - I'm curious to know why you are pasting just the URL of the video? Generally this would just produce a link to the video, not an "embed" of the video. Have you tried pasting the HTML "embed code" that YouTube makes available on video pages?

    I hope in the future to offer a much more refined method for inserting YouTube videos into blog posts.
  • Daniel — WordPress supports embedding videos by simply including the link on a line by itself (see However, using Paste HTML to post the formal embed code from YouTube and Vimeo does indeed work. Thanks!
  • Thanks for the tip about the WordPress trick. Sounds like I should figure out how to pass along these URLs directly to WordPress in that case.
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