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Zemanta Support in Mars Edit

edited October 2010 in MarsEdit
Hi there,

wouldn't it be nice to have Zemanta ( support within Mars Edit? I use this within my Wordpress in order to enhance my blog posts. I would love to see this featured within Mars Edit. They also provide an API at


  • Hi Tafkas - yes, it would be a cool feature. It's not the top priority for me right now but it's on my TODO list to look into this.
  • A year later and Zemanta would still be cool.
  • Thanks. A lot of other things have been taking priorities but I'm still considering this.
  • Not really cool. Who knows if Zemanta will be in business in six months. There are a number of companies like this that have disappeared and what about the competitors ? Do we support them too ?

    There are other features I'd rather see first instead of trivia like Zemanta.
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