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Additional Question about backup.

edited October 2012 in MarsEdit
Hello, i'm korean customer.
Thank you for fast reply.


I followed your method.

But, i can't find MarsEdit directory.
Of course, i followed directory below.

OS X Root(Home)/Library/Application Support/

Where is MarsEdit Folder?


MarsEdit directory is saved on Local Drafts Only? or Loaded Blog post and Local drafts?
And attachment data is included?


  • Accepted Answer
    Hi - in case it is not clear, the "Home" should not be the OS X Root but your home folder. Hold the option key, then select "Go" in the Finder menu bar, and select "Library." That will take you to the home library folder. Then look in there for Application Support/MarsEdit.

    The directory contains local drafts and recently synchronized posts from the server. It doesn't do anything to try to download images that went along with the posts, so it's really not suitable as a full backup of your blog. But if you want to have a backup of any posts you have written and saved in local drafts, and some other stuff to make another Mac "behave the same" as this copy of MarsEdit, you can copy the whole folder over.

  • Thanks you, i resolved this problem.
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