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ME3: where'd local copies of my posts go?

edited May 2010 in MarsEdit
I'm enjoying the features on ME 3, but I am wondering why I only see the 10 most recent posts on my computer? Does it have something to do with my hitting the "refresh" button? When I hit refresh, I got local access to the blog pages (loving that) and only 10 posts. My other blog has not been refreshed, and I have all posts but no pages - that's why I'm guessing the "refresh" button has something to do with this debacle. Thanks for the new features and for the help.


  • Hi jeanne - I admit this is a confusing limitation in MarsEdit. It has to do with historic limitations in the interface that MarsEdit uses to connect to blogs: it's impossible to ask for "all the posts," so MarsEdit has to ask for a specific number.

    So conceptually, think of your workspace in MarsEdit as consisting of:

    - All your locally saved drafts that you haven't published yet.

    - Some # of recent pages and posts which are up-to-date as of the last time you refreshed.

    You can increase the number of posts that get downloaded with each refresh, by editing the blog's settings. Double click the blog icon in the main window and find the setting under "General."

    At some point I would really like to work out a way for WordPress and other popular blog systems to support accessing all the blog posts efficiently. In the mean time I have accepted this compromise.

    Let me know if anything I have said doesn't gel with your experience of what is going on.

  • Aaahhhh, there they are! Thanks, Daniel - for taking the time to reply in such a friendly, thorough fashion and for creating and continuing to expand/improve the software. When you create an iPad version, I'll have no more reasons not to snag myself an iPad. (Which is fine with me, btw.)
  • I look forward to giving you a nudge towards buying an iPad :) Thanks.
  • This is (almost) exactly the issue I came here looking for: I read the Ars Technica article on Mars Edit and thought, "Ah ha! This might be exactly what I'm looking for!" I've been using TextMate for years but like the built-in blogging features.

    Anyway, one thing I like about TextMate is that I (obviously) save each blog post as a text file on my computer, which makes dropping them into programs like Devonthink Pro (or running scripts or locally searching) really easy. Is there some way to save each individual post as a text file on my computer? If not, might there be some time in the near future?
  • Hi - there isn't a feature in MarsEdit that is particularly intended for this, however MarsEdit has a behavior which may be of interest to you. Whenever you publish to your blog using MarsEdit, it writes a copy of the post to a "last resort" backup folder inside the application support folder:

    [Home] -> Library -> Application Support -> MarsEdit -> Backups

    The content is not formatted in a particularly friendly way, but all the critical content is there. Maybe suits what you're looking for?

  • Hmmm -- I'd still much prefer an option to save all files in a directory somewhere, but I can write a script to copy whatever is in there every morning.

    Is there any chance of this happening? I realize I'm an idiot punter on the Internet and not intimately involved in the program, but I would imagine this shouldn't be too hard to implement.

    Hope all is well. Thanks for your quick response.
  • I appreciate what you're hoping for would be cool, but it just hasn't been a priority so far in MarsEdit. I'm trying to get all the main priorities taken care of, which are mostly to do with downloading recent posts, writing drafts, and publishing new entries. I would love to get archival type functions in to MarsEdit at some point but it's not a high priority right now.

  • Nuts.

    Thanks very much for letting me know.
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