Touché Help
System Requirements
Touché requires macOS 10.12.1 or later, but there's a catch! You must have the very latest 10.12.1, with system support for the Touch Bar. If your 10.12.1 version is specifically 16B2657, you're good to go. If not, you can update to the required version here. You can confirm you are running 16B2657 specifically, by clicking the version number in the About this Mac panel.
Keyboard Shortcuts
You can set keyboard shortcuts for toggling Touché, saving a screen capture to disk, or copying a screen capture to the pasteboard. Explore these options in Touché's preferences, available from the Touché menu in the menu bar at the top of the screen.
Support Touché
Although Touché is free to download, you can show your support for the product in a number of ways:
Contact Red Sweater
Because Touché is free, we cannot promise extensive support for the app, but we are always happy to hear feedback about your experience with our software. Email us anytime. We usually respond within 24 hours.