Black Ink

Solve Crossword Puzzles With Style.

Everything you need to download, solve, and print puzzles on your Mac.

Download Black Ink 1.6.2

$9.95 - Requires Mac OS X 10.6.6 or higher. Release Notes.

Feature Overview

Internet Enabled

Black Ink makes it easy to download free puzzles from sources on the Internet such as the Wall Street Journal and Chicago Reader, and can open "Across Lite" files from various other sources on the web. Unlike books or CD-ROMs that come with a limited selection, Black Ink puts you in charge of downloading the puzzles you love to solve.

Puzzles To Go

You still prefer to solve on paper? No problem. With Black Ink's sophisticated printing functionality, you can easily print out copies of any of the puzzles you download. Save up a week's worth to bring with you on your next vacation.

A Solver's Interface

Black Ink's user interface is the result of years of thoughtful evolution. Building on the strengths of MacXword, Black Ink adds live resizing, redesigned status markers, and a beautiful splash screen aimed at making your puzzle solving experience a joy.

For Beginner Or Pro

Beyond Black Ink's intuitive interface are countless features for the advanced solver. Jump instantly to any clue simply by typing its number. Right-click to enter multiple letters. Start a timer and get training for your next tournament!
(The app is Retina-ready, even though these screenshots are not!)
Thumbnail of Black Ink Puzzle Solving Window.
Puzzle Solving. Click to view.
Full-size image of Black Ink puzzle window.
Thumbnail of Black Ink Preferences Window.
Preferences. Click to view.
Full-size image of Black Ink preferences window.
Thumbnail of Black Ink printing configuration sheet.
Print Configuration. Click to view.
Full-size image of Black Ink printing configuration sheet.