Getting Help From Red Sweater
Contact a real person:
Email us whenever you like. We usually respond within 24 hours.
Not receiving a response? Check your email spam filter, or drop us a line on Twitter or Facebook.
Find your lost registration code:
No problem, send us an email, including any names or emails you might have used when purchasing. We’ll find the license in our records and re-send it to you.

If you purchased from Apple's Mac App Store, you can reinstall by finding our product in the "Purchased Items" list of the App Store application.
Answers to Common Questions
Can you use the software on more than one Mac?
As long as you’re the only person using the application, feel free to install it on all of your computers. If you’re sharing a computer with other users, each should own their own license.
Do we offer educational discounts?
We hope the competitive prices make our products affordable for all of our customers. For simplicity we do not offer variable pricing for students.
What about bulk discounts?
Please get in touch to learn more about our quantity discounts.