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edited December 2008 in Black Ink
Forgive me if this has been answered.
Just updated Black Ink and now I'm unable to save my puzzles as I work on them (don't have privileges).
How do I save my work as I go?


  • Hi pengman - the puzzles are saved to a folder, normally within your home directory, when they are downloaded from the web.

    I don't know what would cause the puzzle to successfully save when it's downloaded, but then to fail when you attempt to save it. Are you just choosing the simple "Save" menu item?

    Can you tell me exactly what the message says when you are unable to save? Just to make sure I perfectly understand the situation. Thanks!

  • Lordy, how can you tell I've just come back from holidays?
    Simple solution was a coupla restarts.
    Everything working fine now.
    Thanks (and apologies).
  • Glad to hear it worked itself out :) I was not looking forward to figuring out what strangeness was going on!
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