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Bug Fix: Download categories when weblog is setup

edited February 2007 in MarsEdit
I just started using ME after the announcement, and so far I love it.

However, when I setup a weblog, I expected that it would go and fetch the categories so I could use them as soon as I started to post.

This did not happen (for WordPress and Typepad weblogs).

That said, I definitely see myself becoming one of your "first" ME customers.

Congrats and good luck!


  • Thanks luomat, I have a WordPress blog with categories, so I should be able to reproduce this pretty easily. I will be in touch if I have any trouble - otherwise, it's on the list and I'll be fixing it as soon as I can :)

  • I had a similar problem the otherday while using ME and a MT blog. WHen I was in ME I realized that the previous post listing did not show categories next to all of my postings to my MT blog. When I hit refresh, some of the ones that did not have categories showed their categories, but then some that had categories the first time did not have them after the refresh. I had to close ME completely and reopen the app to get the categories on previous postings in my MT blog to show up again.

    I hope I didn't confuse you in that, but if so let me know and I will try to re-explain myself.
  • I think I get it paulbridge02 :) It does sound very confusing but I will do some testing to see if I can replicate the bug.

    I need to basically set aside some time to fix a few niggling bugs in category fetch/sync.
  • Blogger doesn't use categories per say...they use labels. Wondering if this can be implemented. Would make life a lot easier to select it from ME.
  • Blogger uses "labels" but they behave in most ways like "categories" so ME treats them that way. If you refresh your Blogger blog after adding categories in the web UI, ME should pickthem up and let you select them on future posts!

    If this isn't working for you, please let me know.

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