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Blojsom and categories

edited February 2007 in MarsEdit
I use Blojsom and post with the Metaweblog API. This means that "categories" have two distinct meanings. On one level, categories are like sub-blogs. On the other, these same categories are a list of check boxes to tick for an entry. For Blojsom 2.x (and other Metaweblog API blogs, possibly), the sub-blogs and the check boxes are the same, but in order to have something in the right category, I have to post to the sub-blog. I have a feeling this makes precious little sense! I can give you a test account on my server, Daniel, if you wish.

With ME, I have to define a separate Weblog account by hand for each sub-blog category in Blojsom. On the other hand, when I create an account with ecto, the sub-blog categories are discovered and listed for me under the parent blog. If I add a category, I can just refresh my ecto account and get the new category listed. Other blogging clients (I have used Contribute 4) list each sub-blog category too. It's a minor annoyance - after all, it's not that hard to add the various categories - but it took me a long time to work out the first time I used ME.


  • I think i understand. The idea being that with Blosxom-style blogs, the physical location of the data on the server is wrapped-up in the concept of "category," right?

    The desired behavior you describe sounds reasonable and I'll definitely add this to the list. I think with some of the more critical issues that need addressing, it might not pop to the top of the list, but I hope you'll get some satisfaction from knowing it's in there :)

  • Yes - that's right. Except, of course, with Blojsom 3.x the data is in a database, but the metaphor is still there.

    Thank you!
  • OK, got it :) Haha the blog system information is slowly seeping into my brain :)
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