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Scrolling via mouse

edited October 2009 in Black Ink
I think we've touched this topic before. I got a Magic Mouse yesterday because my Mighty Mouse has long been gummed up, and rediscovered that side-scrolling doesn't work. Vertical scrolling on the mouse is mapped to the current puzzle direction, whether across or down. What's more, Magic Mouse scrolling seems only to work down/right in Black Ink, not up/left. I don't think that was the case with the Mighty Mouse.

Black Ink 1.1.7. Mac OS 10.6.1.


  • Hey, you're on standard time already. That's not until tomorrow.

    Back on topic, this issue is more severe with the Magic Mouse because it's so easy to accidentally scroll a pixel or two, causing Black Ink to jump one or more squares unexpectedly.
  • Or maybe it was trackpad scrolling I complained about before. All three are quirky: trackpad, Mighty Mouse, and Magic Mouse.
  • Thanks for reminding me about the scrolling issues. Probably if I can fix it for the trackpad it will be fixed for the others as well.

    As for the time zone … hmm my server has the right time so I guess there must be a bug in the forum software.
  • edited November 2009
    The Magic Mouse (I love it) would be an incredible Black Ink navigator if it worked as it should, but I'd love one more feature: right-click on a square for across focussed on that square, left-click on a square to focus for down, use control-left click for multi-character box.
  • Still having problems with this. Can be very annoying to have the focus jump to the extreme right if you move your finger at all, and scrolling left doesn't work at all. Any progress? I'd be happy if there Black Ink let me turn scrolling off when a puzzle had the focus.
  • Sorry, I haven't had a chance to start tackling this yet. Still on my TODO list, though!
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