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Feature request

edited March 2007 in MarsEdit
Since writing a blog post is much like writing something that would be normally done in a word processing progam like MS Word, I think that the composition interface should have more writing tools. A good spelling/grammar checker, a thesaurus, and the ability to compose within your blog's template (as in editing in a live preview) would all be valuable assets to the program. Text and paragraph control would be a nice feature to add in - suppose I want to left-justify a paragraph? Something like a word-processor formatting toolbar would go a long way to being able to write without having to worry about how the layout will look when it's finished. I don't need to see markup tags when I'm writing my post - how about just showing the final result?

So how about it? Should I look for it in the next release? :)



  • Hi Kevin - great ideas but I am not sure if you'll see *too* much of this in the next release. I am faced with a situation where I have to balance the features where I can truly be unique vs. the features that "would be nice" ... if I could embed MS Word into MarsEdit, it would be a pretty amazing editor - but I can't! So the end result is deciding what to focus on.

    I do think there is considerable desire for some improvements to the "WYSIWYG" functionality of MarsEdit, so I'm considering enhancements in that area for the 2.0 timeline.

    Thanks for your feedback!
  • Well, when it comes right down to it, word procssing is really what you're doing with the program. The markup tags etc are icing on the cake. Love the way the program functions, though - very simple and easy to use. I tried 4 different editors before settling on MarsEdit.
  • Yep I agree that I need to consider "word processing" enhancements. Just want to make sure I focus most of my energy on doing things that word processors can't do.
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