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Tumblr Queue

edited January 2010 in MarsEdit
Hi Daniel. Thanks for such an awesome support forum and ME.

I've looked through ME and can't find a way to post to Tumblr's queue for future posts. If it's in ME and I'm just blind, please let me know and ignore the rest of this post. If it's not (yet) in ME, I've got a quick question. ("Quick" obviously being a relative term.)

I searched the forums and the only relevant comment I found was dated August 12, 2009 08:50:14 PM. At that time, Tumblr's API apparently didn't allow for adding to the queue.

However, reading through the API, they apparently support it now. Following is the pertinent portion:

state (optional) - One of the following values:
queue - Add to the tumblelog's queue for automatic publishing in a few minutes or hours. To publish at a specific time in the future instead, specify an additional publish-on parameter with the date expression in the tumblelog's local time (e.g. publish-on=2010-01-01T13:34:00). If the date format cannot be understood, a 401 error will be returned and the post will not be created
I'm in no hurry for this capability. I'd prefer that ME be my sole blog publishing platform, but keeping an extra browser tab open isn't killing me. That being said, is there a plan to implement this feature?

Thanks again, Daniel!


  • Thanks for your selfless patience :) I appreciate it.

    I do plan to add support for these features at some point. I can't promise a specific timeline but it's on my TODO list since they updated the API.

  • Awesome, Daniel. You rock.
  • Being able to post to the queue would be an excellent feature. I look forward to it.
  • Hey, Daniel. I too would like to be able to post to the tumblr queue. I usually write all of my posts in the morning and add them to the queue which automatically publishes my posts every 30 minutes. If I use ME3, which I really want to use, I have to make "live" posts throughout the day.

    Any idea when you can add this feature?


  • Hi Greg - thanks for voicing your interest in the queue. I can't predict with accuracy when the feature will be done, just that it's in my … ahem… queue.

  • Daniel, I too would love this feature. I was very disappointed to find out after downloading ME that I can't use it to post to queue. I have 8 different blogs which post a new image daily, and ME would have made the process of queueing files so much easier.

    Other than that the program is amazing. I don't want to have to download other software just for that feature.
  • Thanks, spinning, the feedback is well-noted. I am sorry for the disappointment.
  • I'd like that feature as well. Is there not even a alpha version of ME with that feature?
  • waldorfpatriot: There is no release of MarsEdit available with this feature at the moment.
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