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REQ & "Bug" - auto fill and formatting pulldowns

edited March 2007 in MarsEdit
One request, that I also made a couple years back, and would still love:

Right now, if you have a URL in your "copy" memory (clipboard), you can autofill it into a link tag. But, as Kung-Log used to have, I'd love to be able to autofill ANY text you have on the clipboard, in your own custom tag. So I could copy a Person's name, for example, and when I triggered a custom tag, it automatically pasted the name into the appropriate spot. Only feature I truly missed when switching to MarsEdit.


If I have a MT-based blog selected when I create a new posting window, it sets the formatting and comments options correctly. But If I am in something like a livejournal blog when i create the posting window, and then use the 'weblog' pulldown to switch to the MT-based blog, the 'comments' and 'formatting' options are both set to 'none'. And I'll often forget to check, and it gets posted improperly.


  • Great idea about the clipboard thing. I think I may have suggested something similar myself in years past :) In fact, I wonder if the existing dialog that comes up for "Add Link" could be eliminated and simply add the link with the clipboard text (if any) inserted and selected so it could easily be typed over if desired. I guess you wouldn't be able to cancel but it should be able to undo at least which should be as good.

    Maybe at least an option to "skip the dialog."

    Great catch on the "Comments" & "Formatting" popup bug. I just reproduced that and will fix it for the next bug-fix update.

  • On the existing "add a link" feature, there already is a version that skips the dialog.
  • Oh - perfect. Thanks :)
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