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Blogger Backup

edited March 2007 in MarsEdit
afaik there is no way to backup new Blogger blogs. Now that we can download them with MarsEdit (w00t!), how about an AppleScript? Something to get them out of the XML in Application Support/? Or do you guys think it's sufficient to have that?


  • One thing to keep in mind is I don't know if MarsEdit will be able to fetch the entire Blogger blog, in case there a large number of entries. I believe Google may only return the last 10 entries or so?

  • There's a really kludgy way to backup Blogger blogs. I was migrating a Blogger blog to Movable Type, so my way was less messy and more structured:

    - Find MTImport template
    - Use template to author Blogger template
    - Cut 'n' save existing Blogger template code
    - Paste MTImport-Blogger template and hit "Preview"
    - Save result as text file and cancel all edits

    To back up your entire Blogger blog as-is, you can alter the amount of data that's displayed (for example, I changed it from 7 days to 120 entries, a little more than the actual number of blog entries at the time) and publish your changes, save the resulting file (html, webarchive, whatever), and revert to your earlier settings.

    Daniel, I haven't the slightest idea if that helps you figure out if/how ME can fetch the entire blog, but, well, there y'go. =]
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