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Feature Request: Add Link Enhancement

edited May 2010 in MarsEdit
I like to request that you add a few fields to the Add Link dialog. I would like to be able to add a Title attribute and Target (i.e., new window, same window, etc.). Thanks.


  • Hi Michael - I think these are good ideas and I would like to add them, without complicating the dialog too much for less advanced users.

    Probably, the compromise I would adopt would be to have a "More Details" disclosure that is closed by default, but which stays open for subsequent dialogs after you open it once.

    It's on my TODO list!

  • Perfect. That would be great. Thanks!
  • Hi Daniel,
    First let me say I really like using MarsEdit. When I upgraded this time I got a family license so I could share with my sister as well as load onto multiple of my own computers.

    I wanted to add my support to Michael's request. I have blog pages incorporated into other websites. On those websites, generally if I link to an external page I open that page in a separate window. For all my links I provide a "tool tip". SO now my blog pages are inconsistent with the rest of the website. I am debating whether I go to every post in WordPress and edit all the links or just leave this alone for now.
  • Roberta - thanks for the feedback. If it helps you decide what to do, I should make clear that when I get around to making the link dialog more feature-ful, it will still requiring going back in and editing the old links if you want to add e.g. a target for a new window. So it might be worth going ahead and going in with WordPress now, to "fix" the links so you have less work to do down the road if you want to keep things consistent.

  • Another temporary fix, which I am using, is to create a keyboard shortcut, using Typinator. I edit in HTML mode. When I enter "<a”, Typinator expands it to the full anchor tag, along with the title and the target tags.
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